bateria przemysłowa

In the age of information society, virtually all aspects of human activity are connected with the use of machines and devices, the functioning of which depends on adequate power. Our civilization cannot do without this energy. A specific kind of power is the one accumulated in portable sources of electrical energy called batteries and accumulators. This sector of industry has been the cornerstone of operation of the company Systemix.

Systemix Ltd. has been operating in the electrochemical industry for many years onwards. It is one of a few worldwide manufacturers of zinc-air industrial batteries. At present, Systemix supplies companies throughout Europe with its products.

The sources of electrical energy produced by the company provide power to:
- signalling devices used in construction and repair of roads (danger signaling lamps with pulsating and constant flash).
- electric fences used in agriculture on pasturages
- danger buoys (distress beacons)
- parking meters
- other devices requiring long non-interference work.